Prestige Service Training

Prestige Service Training has built its reputation by providing professional, reliable training and professional development services to organisations. We pride ourselves on our ability to apply flexibility and customise training courses to meet the needs, cultures, values and priorities of our clients.

Prestige Service Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) which is subject to strict auditable Quality Standards and is authorised to issue registered qualifications at Diploma and Certificate level which are recognised nationally and internationally.

It is not only the quality in the services provided by the Prestige Service Training team, but the results achieved and value delivered as staff enrol in Prestige Service Training courses and gain the skills and knowledge that will help your staff feel valued and your business will reap the rewards with skilled and dedicated employees.

Workplace learning may receive financial assistance and for those eligible can reduce the costs of training so you can invest in further development of your team. Qualifications that are workplace based, (which are also known as ‘Traineeships’ or ‘Australian Apprenticeships’) provide the best of opportunities to combine work with structured training to support your business.

To-date Prestige Service Training have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses strive for success enhancing their skills, knowledge and abilities over a range of various industries and disciplines such as Hospitality, Tourism, Frontline Services, Management, Business, and Small Business Management .

Prestige Service Training treat every learner with respect as we aim to reveal the potential of every individual and strive to create a pool of high performers in the workplace.