About Prestige Service Training

Prestige Service Training creates career pathways. We do so through industry-leading, innovative and inspiring training programs. These programs empower people with the opportunities to succeed in the life they choose and celebrate their achievements.


We are one of only a handful of training providers able to offer a complete face to face program of training that is nationally recognized, with some having university articulation agreements. These programs navigate a career pathway from entry to management level.


Our integrity, passion for quality and service in team with our strong reputation in the market and amongst employers, sets us apart. We develop strong relationships with all students and we truly care about their success.


Prestige Service Training has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses strive for and reach success. Will you be the next?

Industry expertise in traineeships and career coaching

Prestige Service Training believes lives can be transformed through education and celebrating the journey.


Our training programs and expert Service Facilitators embrace our values. We can then carefully prepare each program for individual and group-based learning to ensure it is;

Inspiring – making a difference;

Innovative – creating ‘outside of the box’ solutions; and

Fun – enjoy what you’re doing and share the passion.

We can provide students with an array of theory and taught skills but encompassing our hands-on industry experience in a supported and engaging learning environment completes the whole training package.


We strive to help individuals attain success by supporting lifelong learning. To facilitate continuous growth, we offer qualifications covering numerous industries.


Upon completion, we are committed to ensuring students have access to further study options as well as employment resources.

Helping you stay on track to the path to success

The Problem:

Limited opportunities exist for both young people and the older population to train or retrain and follow a defined, vocational career pathway. Let alone one that arms them with the full scope of skills and knowledge, including practical work experience, that will enable them to succeed.


Our Solution:

We provide the training programs that offer a clearly defined career pathway to assist students to achieve their full potential and to SUCCEED at whatever career level or pathway they choose.

Ready for your dream career?


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We’re here to help with your training & career needs

We’re here to create career pathways that inspire and empower people with the choice in developing the skills and knowledge required to achieve their full potential and succeed in the life they choose.