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A digital focused career in the technology industry!

Certificate III in Information Technology 2022

Why Do You Need Certification III in Information Technology?

Launch a multi-pathway digital-focused career

If you’re all about digital, geek and nerd are badges of honour you wear proudly – this program is for you!

Begin your journey to becoming an IT expert with Certificate III in Information Technology ICT30120 at Prestige Service Training.

This nationally recognised qualification opens up a career with multiple pathways!

The ‘PRESTIGE-ous’ Certificate III in Information Technology offers exciting opportunities for satisfying and successful careers.

The IT world is fast-paced, ever-changing, and woven into the fabric of all human activity. This program allows you to choose your path – support or web.

Multiple pathways and multiple opportunities.

The course is tailored to the chosen field of study.

The support pathway focuses on system administration, hardware and software maintenance, networking, and providing advice to clients.

The web pathway focuses on on-site design, building, maintenance and review, and social media tools.

In Certificate III in Information and Communications Technology, you will gain essential and transferrable skills applicable to a range of industries—critical thinking, problem-solving, presentation, and customer service skills. You can play a critical role in providing support to a range of processes, technologies, and clients.

Let Prestige Service Training help you get started!

Our qualified trainers, with current industry experience, will mentor you through your ‘In School’ program with face-to-face lessons and extra tutorial support if needed.

Upon successfully completing the program, you will earn a nationally recognised qualification, a Certificate III in Information Technology, from a registered training organisation.

What is Certificate III in Information Technology?

Build your future

Certificate III in Information Technology is a course that prepares you for entry-level IT jobs in various industries, from banking to education to retail to government.

But that doesn’t end there! This course also provides you with foundational knowledge and technical skills, and qualifications for further career path development. You can pursue a university degree or achieve higher certifications to get promoted at work.

Explore your creativity while getting a head start in a dynamic industry with our ‘Prestige-ous’ ICT30120 – Certificate III in Information Technology qualification.

Balance studies with practical and transferable skills to kick-start your career in an IT-related profession. This course is for you if you’re all about technology and problem-solving!

Course details

  • Qualification code: ICT30120
  • Qualification name: Certificate III in Information Technology
  • Nationally recognised qualification: Yes
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Delivery: Face-to-face classes with online assessment
  • Units of competency: 12 (6 core units + 6 electives to suit outcome)
  • Work integrated learning and placement? Not applicable to this course
  • Can contribute to your ATAR? Yes (for school students only)
  • Can contribute to your QCE? Yes (for school students only)
  • For more information on contribution to ATAR and QCE, visit https://www.qtac.edu.au/

Course structure

Certificate III in IT is a qualification that can help you develop the foundational skills required to start an exciting career in the IT industry.

This course comprises six (6) core units and six (6) electives to suit your desired work outcome.

Here are the six core units:

BSBCRT301 – Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills

IT roles require critical and creative thinking skills. This core unit dives deeper into the skills and knowledge that you need to develop such qualities.

You will learn how to look at things differently, test, experiment, and challenge the current ways of doing things. You can apply critical and creative thinking skills in various situations, including evaluating and solving tech issues.

BSBSXCS303 – Securely manage personally identifiable information and workplace information

In this core unit, you will learn how to securely manage personally identifiable information (PII) and workplace information.

PIIs are critical information that malicious people can exploit. That is why your IT role is crucial for organisations that gather and maintain large amounts of this data from their customers and employees.

BSBXTW301 – Work in a team

In any career, you are most likely to work in a team than alone. In this unit, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills required to work effectively in teams within any industry.

This unit applies to all kinds of workers, whether you’re in an entry-level role or a higher position or in permanent or project-based teams. This unit also focuses on teamwork skills, which you will find useful when you have limited responsibility for others.

ICTICT313 – Identify IP, ethics, and privacy policies in ICT environments

In this core unit, you will gain skills and knowledge that you can use to assist with the protection and use of the intellectual property (IP) within legal boundaries. You will also learn how to observe relevant organisational ethics and privacy policies.

ICTPRG302 – Apply introductory programming techniques

In this unit, you will learn introductory programming techniques that you can use to create simple applications. You will learn how to apply language syntax, control structures to create code, use programming standards, and perform testing and debugging.

ICTSAS305 – Provide ICT advice to clients

This unit tackles the essential skills and knowledge necessary to provide information and communication technology (ICT) support to clients. You will learn how to communicate comprehensive technical information and provide frontline technical support.

Meanwhile, you can choose the elective units to suit the desired outcome. You can contact our operations team for a detailed list of units that fall into the following groups:

  • Animation (e.g., 2D digital animations, traditional animation principles)
  • Basic Cyber Security Awareness (e.g., identify and report online security threats, maintain security of digital devices, basic cyber awareness, cyber risk management and assessment, security of ICT systems)
  • Digital Media (e.g., interactive content, video assets, basic vision and sound editing, visual design components)
  • Generalist IT Support (e.g., business software applications, specific industry standard technologies, ICT solutions for Indigenous users)
  • IT Work Ready Skills (e.g., multimedia presentations, digital media technology packages, ICT user documentation, basic organizational documents)
  • Programming (e.g. Python, software testing tools, object-oriented language skills)
  • Systems (e.g., computer operating systems and hardware, standard operating environments, small office or home office network, basic system administration)
  • Web Development (e.g., simple web page development, digital images for the web, social media, simple markup language documents)

How much is the Certificate III in Information Technology course?

Prestige Service Training offers affordable course fees and manageable payment plans.

Fees and payment plans


Payment plans available:

  • 2 equal installments of $995.00 (50% at commencement and 50% within the first 10 months of commencement) 
  • 10 monthly payments of $199.00
  • 20 fortnightly payments of $99.50

Entry requirements and eligibility

In School:

  • Access to a laptop and internet.
  • Students must be aged 15 years or above.
  • Currently studying at an Australian school.
  • An Australian or New Zealand citizen.

Beyond School:

  • Access to a laptop and internet.
  • Students must be aged 15 years or above.
  • Currently studying at an Australian school.
  • An Australian or New Zealand citizen.

To be prepared for this course, we also highly recommend (but do not require) that you have:

  • Basic computer knowledge and experience
  • Basic communication skills
  • An interest in communication and technology

Learn face-to-face

Prestige Service Training’s Certificate III in IT program is conducted in a face-to-face class setting with the supervision and expert guidance of our qualified trainers.

We believe that participants learn and benefit the most in an in-person class where they can demonstrate practical applications of theories and knowledge.

Face-to-face training allows for a personalized and flexible learning environment for the students.

It’s easier for you to ask questions and clarify and contextualize information with the instructor.

Likewise, the trainers can deliver training more accurately and provide better feedback and demonstrations of proper techniques and execution of processes.

Online assessment is also available, providing learners more flexibility in completing the IT certification course.

Available campuses, locations, and upcoming intakes

In School: 

  • At your school (if the school is offering the course as a subject)

Beyond School: 

  • Scroll across to see all details in the table.

What can you do with Certificate III in Information Technology?

Work Outcomes

The information and communications technology (ICT) industry in Australia continues to grow rapidly. It is a dynamic market that can provide you with secure jobs.

The Certificate III in Information Technology ICT30120 prepares you for various entry-level roles across industries, including the following:

  • government
  • banking and finance
  • retail
  • education
  • health
  • media
  • logistics
  • manufacturing

When you successfully complete this course, you will have the following knowledge and skills:

  • write basic programs for software applications
  • develop basic web applications
  • produce digital images for the web
  • protect people’s privacy
  • protect and uphold intellectual property rights
  • work effectively in teams and with clients
  • provide ICT operations support

You can choose from various career possibilities, including:

  • Help desk officer
  • ICT security specialist
  • ICT technician
  • Network administrator
  • Network Analyst
  • Network support technician 
  • Web developer
  • General IT support
  • Web application support
  • Database and systems administrator

Further Learning Pathways

With a level III qualification, you can move your career development to more advanced courses and qualifications.

  • Diploma with Prestige Service Training
  • Beyond School programs available for year 12 graduates
  • University pathways and beyond

Recognition of Prior Learning

Do you already have previous experience and knowledge in IT? Perhaps you’re self-taught or learned through informal settings? You can use that to your advantage!

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available on most Prestige Service Training qualifications, including this course!

If you have completed formal or informal training and have knowledge, skills, and employment experience in IT, you may apply for RPL.

You will be asked to provide evidence to support your application, and our Operations team will assist you through the RPL assessment process.

Credit is also available for this qualification. If you have completed a previous study in this qualification or an equivalent, you can provide a copy of your transcript/s from your earlier study, and we will conduct a credit assessment.

How to enrol in Certificate III in IT?

Are you ready to start your journey in the tech career? You’ve made a great choice, and we’re excited to have you on board!

The next step is to apply, and we’re here to help every step of the way. Before you apply, you will need the following:

  • Student ID (for current high school students)
  • Photo of a Green Medicare Card, Passport, or Birth Certificate in colour
  • Evidence of QLD residency dated within 6 months (Driver’s license, concession card or utility bill, or bank statement with your address on it)
  • YOU WILL NEED a USI number – please visit www.usi.gov.au to look up or create your USI number
  • A parent close by to also sign if under the age of 18
  • Please use the following code to enrol: 2021-C3IT-S

Certificate III in Information Technology FAQs

How long does certificate in information technology course take to complete?

Certification in IT usually takes an average of 12 to 18 months. At Prestige Service Training, the course is designed to be completed in 18 months, giving you a bit more flexibility, especially if you are working already or still studying.

Is Certificate II or III better?

Certificate II provides basic vocational skills and knowledge and allows you to qualify for mainly routine work. There is nothing wrong with taking it, but you might also want to consider the higher level qualification.

Certificate III provides more advanced skills and knowledge, allowing you to undertake skilled work. It is also equivalent to Year 12.

Can you get an IT job with just a certification?

Of course! Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to have a bachelor’s degree to enter an IT-related job. 

On the contrary, several IT careers do not require college degrees. For instance, of all the ICT support technicians in Australia, more than 50% are not degree holders. About 13.8% have level 3 and 4 certifications and 18.6% have a diploma. Year 12 accounts for 19%, Year 11 is 2.3%, and Year 10 and below is 3.3%.

What’s more important than your academic credentials is your ability to execute the technical tasks and perform the responsibilities of the role. If you have skills and knowledge in web development or digital media technologies, there’s a career waiting for you!

Just take a look at existing job postings, and you will notice that hiring managers usually look for proof that you can do your job.

Certifications, along with self-learning and training programs, are often enough to kick-start your exciting career in the IT industry. So, do not let the lack of a degree hold you back from pursuing a career in tech.

Upcoming Courses

Name Course Start Date Course End Date Cost
2023-C3IT-V 15/03/2023 20/09/2024 $1,990.00

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