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Certificate III in Screen and Media 2022

Why Certificate III in Screen and Media Is For You

Get a head start in a dynamic industry

Explore your creativity while getting a head start in a dynamic industry. Express yourself, build an audience, and become an influencer.

The ‘PRESTIGE-ous’ Certificate III in Screen and Media equips you with the skills to demonstrate your capacity to work effectively in the creative arts industry.

With hands-on learning experience, this qualification is a pathway for continued study or exploring new career opportunities!

Creative thinking, research and writing, vision and sound editing, camera techniques, and animation—learn that from here!

Be engaged with relevant projects involving photography, video, visual design, text, and scripts throughout the course.

If you’re stressed trying to fit another subject into your already packed timetable or your school doesn’t have the option for it…never fear! You can join this program virtually with us after school hours!

With current industry experience, our qualified trainers will mentor you through our ‘After School’ program with weekly virtual classroom delivery and extra tutorial support to assist students if needed.

Upon successfully completing the program, you will earn a nationally recognised qualification, a Certificate III in Screen and Media.

What is Certification III in Screen and Media

Build your future

CUA31020 Certification III in Screen and Media is your first step in your creative journey. It provides a solid introduction to the creatives industry, so you can explore and discover your niche.

Start a career in film and television, digital media, games, animation, radio and podcasting. Express yourself, build an audience, or create a presence in the wide world of social media. 

Course details

  • Qualification code: CUA31020
  • Qualification name: Certificate III in Screen and Media
  • Nationally recognised qualification: Yes
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Units of competency: 11 (3 core units + 8 electives to suit outcome)
  • Delivery: Virtual or Face-to-face classes with online assessment
  • Work integrated learning and placement? Not applicable to this course
  • Can contribute to your ATAR? Yes (school students only)
  • Can contribute to your QCE? Yes (school students only) 
  • For more information on contribution to ATAR and QCE, visit https://www.qtac.edu.au/

Course structure

This Certificate III in Screen and Media comprises three (3) core units and eight (8) electives chosen to suit your desired outcome.

Core units: 

CUAWHS312 Apply work health and safety practices 

This core unit covers the essential skills and knowledge about work health and safety (WHS) requirements and how you can apply them. These include safe work practices, risk assessment and control, and emergency procedures implemented in the creative industries.

This unit covers WHS legislation, codes of practice, and workplace policies and procedures. It also tackles how to use personal protective equipment, tools, and materials, how to identify hazards, and how to report emergencies and incidents immediately based on your own level of responsibility.

CUAIND311 Work effectively in the creative arts industry

In this core unit, you will learn the pertinent skills and knowledge for working effectively in the media sector. It covers a wide range of occupations in creative arts, such as actors, musicians, dancers, street performers, filmmakers, public artists, and entertainment administrators.

You will learn how to identify industry trends and which sources of information to use. You will also learn how to identify copyright requirements and employ identified learning opportunities to enhance your craft.

This unit also covers establishing effective contractual relationships, as well as determining and discussing work scope, issues, and effective solutions with stakeholders.

BSBCRT311 Apply critical thinking skills in a team environment

This core unit is about the skills and knowledge required to develop and apply critical thinking, especially in finding solutions to workplace problems in team settings. You will learn problem-solving skills, evaluation and analytical skills, and workplace issues resolutions in a team environment.

This unit covers identifying and selecting workplace problems to address, identifying critical thinking techniques to come up with solutions, and presenting solutions to relevant stakeholders. You will also learn how to evaluate critical thinking processes and reviewing solution development processes.

Elective units: 

Choose from various units to suit the desired outcome. You can contact our operations team for a detailed list of units, which includes the following:

  • CUAANM301 Create 2D digital animations
  • CUADIG303 Produce and prepare photo images
  • CUADIG304 Create visual design components
  • CUAPOS211 Perform basic vision and sound editing
  • CUAPOS311 Edit video and audio content for social media
  • CUACAM211 Assist with basic camera shoots
  • CUAWRT301 Write content for a range of media
  • CUACMP311 Implement copyright arrangments

How much is the Certificate III in Screen and Media?

Prestige Service Training offers affordable course fees and manageable payment plans, so you can allocate your budget for tuition fees easily.

Fees and payment plans


Payment plans available:

  • 2 equal instalments of $660.00 (50% at commencement and 50% within the first 10 months of commencement) 
  • 10 monthly payments of $132.00
  • 20 fortnightly payments of $66.00

Entry requirements and eligibility

In School:

  • Access to a laptop and internet.
  • Students must be aged 15 years or above.
  • Currently studying at an Australian school.
  • An Australian or New Zealand citizen.

Beyond School: 

  • Access to a laptop and internet.
  • Students must be aged 15 years or above.
  • Currently studying at an Australian school.
  • An Australian or New Zealand citizen.

Learn face-to-face or virtually

Prestige Service Training’s Certificate III in Screen and Media program is conducted in a face-to-face class setting with the supervision and expert guidance of our qualified trainers.

You can also take classes virtually to suit your busy schedule and have learning flexibility.

In an in-person class, you can demonstrate practical applications of theories and knowledge.

Face-to-face training allows for a personalized and flexible learning environment for the students. You can ask questions and clarify and contextualize information with the instructor quickly.

Likewise, the trainers can easily provide feedback and demonstrations of proper techniques and execution of processes.

Online assessment is also available, providing learners more flexibility in completing the this media certification course.

With the virtual option, you won’t let your busy weekdays hold you back from pursuing your creative journey in the creative art industry!

Available campuses, locations and upcoming intakes

In School: 

  • At your school (if the school is offering the course as a subject)

Beyond School: 

  • Southport – Southport Central Building 3G, Level 4, 27 Garden Street, Southport 4215

Scroll across to see all details in the table.

Where does a Certificate III in Screen and Media lead you?

The Certificate III in Screen and Media can open doors for you in the creative art niche. You will learn about the various practices and roles in the screen and creative media industry, learn the production processes for a creative project from start to finish, and build a network of creative peers and professional contacts.

This nationally recognised qualification opens the pathway for you for continued study and enhanced career opportunities.

Work Outcomes

Career possibilities may include:

  • Camera and lighting technician or assistant
  • Community radio programmer and presenter
  • Media professional
  • Sound technician 
  • Web designer
  • 2D-animator
  • Technical production assistant
  • Editing assistant

Further Learning Pathways

With a level 3 qualification, you can move your career development to more advanced courses and qualifications.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Already have some experience in screen or media? Great! You might qualify for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)!

RPL is available on most Prestige Service Training qualifications. If you have completed formal or informal training and have knowledge, skills, and employment experience in this area, you may apply for this recognition.

How does it work? You only need to provide evidence to support your application, and our Operations team will assist you through the RPL assessment process.

Credit is also available for this qualification. If you have completed a previous study in this qualification or an equivalent, you can provide a copy of your transcript/s from your earlier study and we will conduct a credit assessment.

How to enrol in Certificate 3 in Screen and Media

Ready to jump in? You’ve made a great choice, and we’re excited to have you on board!

The next step is to apply, and we’re here to help every step of the way. Before you apply, you will need the following:

  • Student ID (for current high school students)
  • Photo of a Green Medicare Card, Passport, or Birth Certificate in colour
  • Evidence of QLD residency dated within 6 months (Driver’s license, concession card or utility bill, or bank statement with your address on it)
  • A USI number (Please visit www.usi.gov.au to look up or create your USI number)
  • A parent close by to also sign if under the age of 18

Certificate III in Screen and Media FAQs

How long does it take to get a Level 3 certification?

Level 3 certifications in Australia usually takes 12 to 18 months to complete. Some options that provide flexibility may take longer to finish, depending on your pace and availability.

This Certification III in Screen and Media is designed to be completed in 12 months.

What do you do in screen and media?

When you study media, you can work in various positions in the industry, such as designer, programmer, or animator. You can be adept in creative design process and specialize in gaming, visual effects, production management, post-production, and even directing. You can create different digital media content, such as sound recordings, video assets, social media page, and other interactive digital media.

What is the screen and media industry? 

The screen and media industry covers all platforms, such as film, television, radio, podcasting, and print journalism (e.g., newspapers and magazines). It also encompasses books, music, and other digital and online content.

What skills are needed to work in the media industry? 

Aside from technical media and creative art skills, you need strong written and verbal communication skills, management skills, problem-solving abilities, innovation, critical thinking skills, and the ability to work independently.

Upcoming Courses

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2023-C3SM-V-AL 09/02/2023 22/02/2024 $1,320.00

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