Professional Digital Badges

The PRESTIGE-ous Certified Advantage – Promote your Prestige to success

We want to prepare you with the tools needed to shine the spotlight on yourself and highlight your achievements. That’s where our partnership with Credly comes in to assist in accomplishing your professional objectives through digital credentials.

Digital credentials (or badges) are a way to represent your certification, skills and achievements, simply and professionally in the digital world. Tell your professional story through validated and recognisable credentials at a glance. 

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LEGS – Get a leg up in your chosen career!

Learn it – enrol into one of our qualifications linked with a digital badge.

Earn it – successfully complete the qualification, receive your electronic certificate.

Get it – check your inbox for an email from Credly, follow the instructions to accept your digital badge.

Share it – showcase your achievement to the world (more specifically; potential employers, academic institutions, colleagues and more) through channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email signatures, resumes and personal websites.