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Flexibility is critical to your business growth, requirements and bottom line. After all, your business is unique in so many ways. That is why Prestige Service Training is extremely agile in responding to your individual business needs. We can offer employer solutions including full-time and part-time work, on and off-the-job training, customised training delivery and School Based Traineeship programs.  


Employing a School Based Trainee is an effective and affordable way to invest in your business as well as directly benefiting your community.  


Hiring a School Based Trainee (students in Year 10 and 11 at High School) can improve your workplace productivity and provide a positive boost to the team culture all while making a real difference in young people’s lives.  


We have two different options to consider when taking on a trainee. Regardless of the option, Prestige Service Training will look after the recruitment process including advertising, screening and short-listing applicants at no cost to your business! Check out the options below:  

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Employ Direct

Employ Direct

Boost Your Business


To employ a School Based Trainee direct means they are employed by you! We still assist with the recruitment; advertising, screening, interviewing, shortlisting and arrange a trial. If the trainee is a suitable fit for your business, we will arrange for the student to commence the ‘sign-up’ process with all relevant parties. You are responsible for everything employer related (i.e. wages, insurances etc.).


Federal Government incentives may be available, so hiring a School Based Trainee can be affordable for your business, no matter the size.


The Certificate III in Business qualification has different requirements to the Certificate III in Hospitality, Tourism and Information, Digital Media and Technology (IDMT) qualifications we offer. See below to find out more.


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