Certificate IV in Justice Studies

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An exciting career in the crime & justice industry!

Certificate IV in Justice Studies 2022

Why Take Certificate 4 in Justice Studies?

A Head Start in Justice-Related Career

Ever dreamed of becoming an attorney, a police officer, or an investigator? Certificate IV in Justice Studies is for you!

Cement your career and passion for the community in an adventurous and exciting industry.

The ‘PRESTIGE-ous’ Certificate IV in Justice Studies allows you to weigh up your options in a sector promising an assortment of job streams.

Collect all the evidence you need to choose one of many career paths—police force, legal offices, and even youth justice roles.

Confidently pursue your career goal backed with transferable skills and knowledge, such as:

      • identifying and applying a legal framework

      • preparing documentation for court proceedings

      • providing information and referral advice on justice-related issues

      • applying regulatory powers

    Our qualified trainers, with current industry experience, will mentor you through a virtual course with weekly lessons online and extra tutorial support if needed.

    Upon successful completion of the program, you will earn a nationally recognised qualification, a Certificate IV in Justice Studies.

    What Is Certificate IV in Justice Studies?

    Build your future

    The ‘Prestige-ous’ Certificate IV in Justice Studies is here to open the path towards your dream justice system career.

    Be equipped with practical and transferable skills that can kick-start your career in a justice-related profession.

    Students will learn how to research, analyse, and present information relevant to the criminal justice system, identify and apply the legal framework and principles of evidence law and have hands-on abilities like preparing documentation for court proceedings.

    Course details

        • Qualification code: 10971NAT

        • Qualification name: Certificate IV in Justice Studies

        • Nationally recognised qualification: Yes

        • Duration: 40 weeks

        • Units of competency: 10 (6 core units + 4 electives to suit outcome)

        • Delivery: Virtual online classes

        • Work integrated learning and placement? Not applicable to this course

        • Can contribute to your ATAR? Yes (school students only)

        • Can contribute to your QCE? Yes (school students only)

      Course structure

      The 10971NAT Certificate IV in Justice Studies consists of six (6) core units and four (4) electives.

      Core units:

      BSBLEG421 – Apply understanding of the Australian legal system

      This core unit teaches you the skills and knowledge about the Australian legal system and how to apply them in real situations. You’ll gain an understanding of the Federal system, sources of law, and the trial system for resolving disputes.

      NAT10971001 – Provide information and referral advice on justice-related issues

      In this core unit, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to communicate justice-related information and provide referral advice on relevant support agencies to internal and external clients.

      You must have knowledge of the lawmaking process and the skills to source and analyse justice-related information. You’ll learn the effective oral and written communication skills required to respond to client enquiries.

      NAT10971002 – Prepare documentation for court proceedings

      This core unit equips you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to prepare documentation, particularly pertaining to bail and criminal proceedings. You’ll gain knowledge of organisational procedures and relevant legislation. You’ll also learn the skills to source and accurately complete legal documentation.

      NAT10971003 – Analyse social justice issues 

      In this core unit, you’ll learn the skills and knowledge necessary to analyse and explain social justice issues and how criminal behaviour is linked to them. You’ll gain an understanding of the contemporary approaches to human rights, natural justice, and equality.

      Moreover, you’ll understand how these are related to crime and justice issues. You’ll also learn the impact of social justice issues on criminal justice systems and society in general. You’ll gain skills to explain and report on such issues and ensure the use of a more empathetic and informed approach to performing justice-related work tasks and functions.

      BSBXCM401 – Apply communication strategies in the workplace

      This core unit outlines the competencies and understanding necessary for promoting and implementing communication strategies at work in any field. This unit puts emphasis on the communication proficiencies necessary for supervisory employees who are accountable for other staff.

      PSPREG033 – Apply regulatory powers

      This core unit outlines the proficiencies necessary to execute authoritative responsibilities in accordance with an organisation’s enabling legislation and other relevant regulations. These competencies are relevant to individuals employed in public sector positions that perform regulatory powers, such as supervision, monitoring, inspection, and investigation.

      Elective units:

      Various elective units are available.
      These include the following:

      • PSPETH007 – Uphold and support the values and principles of public serviceThis unit equips you with the proficiencies necessary to promote ethical behaviour in the workplace and participate in ethical decision-making. Individuals employed in public sector positions or similar organisational settings should possess these competencies. You can apply the knowledge and skills discussed in this unit within the framework of applicable laws, regulations, and policies while adhering to organisational guidelines.

      How Much Is Certificate IV in Justice Studies?

      Prestige Service Training offers affordable course fees and manageable payment plans, so you can allocate your budget for tuition fees easily.

      Fees and payment plans


      *Payment plans available

      What Are the Entry Requirements and Eligibility?

      To enrol in this course, you need to meet the following requirements for both in-school and beyond-school setup:

        • Access to a laptop and internet.

        • Students must be aged 15 years or above.

        • Currently studying at an Australian school.

        • An Australian or New Zealand citizen.

      Learn Virtually

      This justice course is here to reignite your love of learning through virtual learning! Prestige Service Training’s 10971NAT Certificate IV in Justice Studies is conducted virtually with the supervision and expert guidance of our qualified trainers.

      Take classes online to suit your busy schedule and have learning flexibility.

      Online assessment is also available, providing learners more flexibility in completing this business certification course.

      With the virtual option, you won’t let your busy weekdays hold you back from pursuing your journey in the justice-related industry!

      Available campuses, locations, and upcoming intakes

      Scroll across to see all details in the table.

      How Will Certificate IV in Justice Studies Help You In Your Career?

      Level 4 qualification in Justice Studies can provide you with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge to help you kick-start or advance your career in the justice sector.

      You can benefit from this qualification in several ways, including:

        • Increased employability: Gain skills and knowledge to make you more competitive in the job market, particularly for roles within the justice sector.

        • Career advancement: Advance in your current role or pursue new opportunities in areas, such as policing, corrections, or legal services.

        • Professional development: Obtain a greater understanding of the justice system to help you become a more effective and well-rounded professional.

        • Personal growth: Develop a deeper appreciation for the importance of justice and fairness in society, which can be personally fulfilling.

      Work Outcomes

      Career possibilities may include:

        • Compliance officer

        • Corrective services officer

        • Court services officer

        • Customs officer

        • Legal secretary

        • Police Officer

        • Youth Justice roles

        • Justice support

        • Police Administrative Support Roles 

        • Legal Administration 

        • Australian Border Force Officer 

        • Local Law Enforcement Officer (Councils) 

        • Private investigations in support/administration areas 

        • Parks and wildlife (Ranger) 

        • Crime and Misconduct Commission in support/administration areas 

      Further Learning Pathways

      With a level 4 qualification, you can move your career development to more advanced courses and qualifications.

        • Apply to complete a Diploma with Prestige Service Training

      Recognition of Prior Learning

      Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available on most Prestige Service Training qualifications, including this mid-level qualification in Justice Studies.

      If you have completed formal or informal training in justice-related fields and have knowledge, skills, and employment experience in this area, you may apply for RPL.

      How does it work? You will be asked to provide evidence to support your application, and our Operations team will assist you through the RPL assessment process.

      Credit is also available for this qualification. If you have completed a previous study in this qualification or an equivalent, you can provide a copy of your transcript/s from your earlier study, and we will conduct a credit assessment.

      How to enrol

      Are you ready to jump in? You’ve made a great choice, and we’re excited to have you on board!

      The next step is to apply, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

      Before you apply, you will need the following:

        • Student ID (for current high school students)

        • Photo of a Green Medicare Card, Passport, or Birth Certificate in colour

        • A parent close by to also sign if under the age of 18
        • Credit Card or Bank Details to set up your payment plan

      Certificate IV in Justice Studies FAQs

      What is the study of justice?

      Justice Studies is a program that draws upon various disciplines and utilizes the principle of justice to maintain and foster the advancement and progress of individuals and communities in political, economic, and social contexts.

      Is Justice Studies same as law?

      Traditional law courses generally equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a career as a legal professional. On the other hand, legal and dispute studies, as well as criminal justice courses, tend to have a greater emphasis on preparing graduates for work in fields, such as the courts, mediation, police, and prisons. 

      Is certificate IV the same as diploma?

      A Diploma or an Advanced Diploma is the next level of study after completing a Certificate IV, with more extensive coursework and evaluations. Depending on the program, it may be necessary to finish a Certificate 4 before pursuing a Diploma. Meanwhile, some Diploma courses may allow you to enroll directly without needing to complete a Certificate 4 beforehand.

      What is Certificate IV in Australia?

      In general, universities acknowledge a Certificate IV as equal to half a year to a year of a Bachelor’s degree and may grant credit towards further studies as a result. Typically, TAFE colleges, community education centers, and certified private training providers offer these nationally recognised courses.

      Upcoming Courses

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