Prestige Service Training

Prestige Service Training (PST) is a leading provider of exceptional, nationally recognised learning solutions, that meet the highest standards of excellence. We are a Registered Training Organisation with a reputation for continually exceeding expectations on both national and international levels.

Prestige Service Training will cater for both individual students and/or businesses.

For You – Training for the individual Learners

Our courses for individual learning and school based traineeships offer participants valuable employment skills, encompassing hands-on industry experience in a supported and engaging learning environment.

Our courses are tailored to be fun, challenging, innovative and inspiring, whilst still providing the best opportunities to combine work experience with a structured program, specifically designed to enhance career growth and progressing on towards further qualifications.

We strive to help individuals attain success by supporting lifelong learning. To facilitate continuous growth, Prestige Service Training offer certifications covering a wide range of areas. Upon completion of our course, we are committed to ensuring our students have access to employment resources, as well as employment opportunities with some of the companies we work with.

Businesses/Organisations – Skilling Your Way

Over the years, Prestige Service Training has helped numerous businesses grow stronger by enhancing employee skill-sets that are essential for meeting the demands of a dynamic workforce.

We will work with you and your business to apply a flexible, customised program that meets the needs, cultures, values and priorities of your business.

Workplace learning may receive government incentives – and for those eligible, this can reduce the cost of the program so you can invest in the further development of your team. Qualifications that are workplace based (which also include Traineeships) provide the best of opportunities to combine work with structured training to support your business.

It is not only the quality of the services provided by the Prestige Service Training Team, but also the results achieved and value delivered for your staff that assist your business in reaping the rewards of skilled and dedicated employees. We all know that happy and motivated staff = happy customers.


Our certifications range from Certificate III to Diploma and include the following industries:

  • Business
  • Small Business Management
  • Leadership and Management
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Retail Management
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Events

Our courses are offered in a variety of ways including training rooms based at our head office as Southport, workplace delivery, school based delivery and one-on-one delivery.

Final Word

Prestige Service Training has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses strive for and reach success by enhancing their skills, knowledge and abilities over a range of Industries. We treat every learner with respect as we aim to reveal the potential of every individual and strive to create a pool of high performers in the workplace.

Prestige Service Training is excited to offer you an Innovative, Fun, Challenging and Inspiring learning journey. Let’s discuss how we can effectively help you attain the growth and success you are seeking today.